DUES ARE DUE


                                                                             $50.00 annual

                                                   Property Owners dues provide many benefits including:


1.       Insured 

2.       Security Cameras

3.       Beach Chairs

4.       Beach walkway with Water / Showers , and seating

5.       Maintain and repair Beach Walkway as needed

6.       Sunnyland neighborhood entrance maintained and repaired as needed

7.       Neighbor Social Activities

8.       Community newsletter and website


                                                                            $50.00  for all the above


                                                        Compared to other communities it is such a small amount?             

                              As we've stated if you don't pay, don't play. It isn't fair to the ones w ho pay  dues

                                                                 PRICELESS TO LIVE IN PARADISE   

Send dues to
PO BOX 510872, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951